VAJA Finland was born out of a passion for high quality, timeless and practical products.

We were brought together when working at the Arabia factory in Helsinki by our shared interest in the challenges of working with ceramic materials and respect for Finnish craftmanship. This was the start of the VAJA Finland story although we did not know it then.

We moved to Loviisa, a small seaside town about 100km away from our capital Helsinki. The idyll of Loviisa together with being close to sea and forest inspired us to see what would happen if we combined our proffesions as designer and model maker. We turned our old log shed at the bottom of our garden into our workshop where we started the design, product development and manufacturing of the very first items in our product family.

Bit by bit our thoughts matured for a brand that would also combine our values. Tableware that is manufactured with respect, Finnish quality and functional design are cornerstones of our collection. From the beginning we knew that we wanted our production to remain in our own factory in Finland, where we could ensure the high quality of our products and ethics of the whole production chain.

Today we are based in Porvoo where we are working with a team of ceramics professionals.
We at VAJA Finland create beautiful, innovative yet surprisingly functional designs that will last for future generations.

Fred Owren & Henna Lamberg